A Summer in the Mountains

In summer 2019, I had the chance to be close to the Alpians mountains, by staying for 2 months in Munich in the South of Germany, and afterwards travelling Switzerland and South Tyrol in northern Italy. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to go on day hikes through beautiful sceneries. Some photo impressions can be found below.



Switzerland (Sils-Maria)

val fex from marmore View on the Val Fex from Marmoré

silsersee from marmoré Panorama View from Marmoré on the Silsersee

mountain lake A lovely reflection of the mountains in an almost still lake

glaciers View of the glaciers near Sils Maria

val fedoz View on the Val Fedoz from Muott’ Ota

South Tyrol (Olang)

pragser wildsee Pragser Wildsee, in which you can take a cold bath

olang View of Ober-, Mitter- and Niederolang